Attention future flight attendants: come attend our academy and become a flight attendant/cabin crew!

Are you looking to change careers, change your lifestyle and change your life? Would you like to start flight attendant training with an edge to help you get through training? Do you want to stand out and get selected among the thousands that apply? Did you get selected by an airline, not make it through training, and you’d like to try again, this time better prepared? If you answered yes to any of these questions, We can help prepare you and make you a highly knowledgeable and well trained flight attendant / cabin crew!

Flight Attendant Online Training

At the Professional Flight Attendant Academy, we teach you the most important and challenging parts of flight attendant training, make it easy to understand, and you learn at your own pace.

Classroom training

We offer the only three day classroom flight attendant training; we teach you what you need to know to get hired and pass training, not the fluff.

Resume building

We will review and revise your resume to make it stand out in the automated systems. It’s not just what you do or did, it’s how you phrase it that matters!

Confidence building

We thoroughly prepare you for the interview phase so you get selected, where becoming a flight attendant just begins. Then the challenging part comes! Flight attendant training is not as easy as some like to think. Many fail training, up to 50%! The performance drills is where many fail. We’ll build your confidence to perform the drills perfectly.

Real aviation experts

Many flight attendant training schools, online and classroom, are run by flight attendants. We offer you unparalled experts that teach you safety procedures and give you opportunity to ask questions without feeling judged. Read the profile and experience and decide for yourself who you’d like to learn from!

Lifetime career support

Once you graduate, the Professional Flight Attendant Academy is here to support you and your search for the right airline you’d like to work for. We’ll continue to coach you for the interviews so you will get selected and get hired! We keep track of who’s hiring flight attendants and give you updates when you need them.

Our Flight Attendant school can help you change your career.

Working for a living has never been this much fun! Join us and change your career to the fun and exciting life of a flight attendant! Check us out on Facebook at 

What  you’ll get from us

Flight Attendant tools

As part of our comprehensive program, in addition to the very thorough and detailed online training, the Professional Flight Attendant Academy gives you study materials you need to prepare yourself in advance for classroom training after you’re hired at an airline!

Unmatched Expertise

We will answer all your questions, from what does a flight attendant do, to what to expect during emergencies, and anything you’re curious about. Since we are an independent training center, we encourage you to ask all the questions you want without concern. We are here to help your career take flight!

Start training prepared

Most airlines allow you to fail one test, but you must pass the retake with 100%! Fail a second test, you’re removed from training. We’ll help make sure you understand the material to pass all classroom training drills and tests. You’ll learn the ins and outs of training and have a solid understanding why procedures are done a certain way.