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Check out how we can help you prepare for a new career as a flight attendant, getting paid to travel!  We’ve helped our friends get hired, now we offer you a fast track course to prep you for the interviews and classroom training. Visit our SHOP page!  http://profaacademy.com/shop

Lifetime Placement

You may get started with one airline, then decide in a few years to change airlines. Once you attend our course, we support our current and former students throughout their aviation career! 

Train and get hired fast!

Our fast-track course prepares your resume, preps you on how to answer the interview questions, what to expect during training, and be ready for the parts students are likely to struggle with so you breeze through!

Experienced Instructors

Our lead instructor is a former flight attendant, flight attendant instructor and former Director of Inflight. Learn from those that have been flight attendants; we can answer all the questions you have!


Interview Preparations

Learn how to answer the types of questions you will be asked during the interview. Being prepared makes the difference between the TBNT letter and “Congratulations! You are scheduled to attend training on…”


Be Ready For Tests

Once you get selected, you have to pass training. Through years of experience training, we know the parts students struggle with. Knowing the hardest parts, we prep you for it to pass!

We Love Our Students

We’ve experienced the excitement of working as a flight attendant, traveling the world and making lifetime friends. Now, our job is to prep you into the perfect, best candidate and trainee you can be. We look forward to seeing you in our classroom!

  • Airport codes, USA and international for Major and Regional Airlines
  • 24 hour clock and why it’s used

  • Time zones – what you need to know

  • Phonetic alphabet

  • Things to know while you’re in training

  • Oxygen systems

  • Airline terminology

  • Firefighting

  • Irregular situations

  • Turbulence

  • Decompressions

  • Weather conditions

  • Hands-on activities in classroom!

  • And more benefits that only our classroom attendees experience!

Training dates for 2019

  • January 12 – 13

  • February 09 – 10

  • March 23 – 24


  • April 20 – 21

  • May 18 – 19

  • June 08 – 09

  • July 27 – 28

  • August 17 – 18

  • September 14 – 15

  • October 12 – 13

  • November 16 – 17

  • December 14 – 15

Want to learn more?

Attending our classroom course provides mock interviews includes in-class revision your resume. So, if you don’t need to attend a full classroom course but could use some coaching or your resume rewritten, we offer individual services to help you where you need it most!

Only need a little help?

Start Your Career With Us

When looking for a flight attendant prep school, you have many choices. What makes us different than the other flight attendant schools is our school was founded and developed by a flight attendant management and training expert with over 18 years of management, recruitment and training experience (This means he did the interviews, selection, hiring and training of new hire flight attendants!). Over the last few years, our course developer helped prepare friends of his for interviews and the hardest parts of training. Today, those friends are traveling around the world and one in particular is now part of her airline’s safety department. Now, our proven program is ready to prepare you for the interviews and make it through training. We’re BBB rated. See for yourself!

Meet Our Course Developer, Donald Wecklein

After working as a flight attendant for 8 years, I got into management and training and found I absolutely loved teaching and training new-hires, watching them go from knowing very little, all the way to becoming a fully qualified flight attendant. Today, I bring that same passion into our flight attendant school to help those wanting to become a flight attendant to stand out and be prepared for training. I’ve screened countless resumes, conducted open house interviews, one-on-one interviews, selected and trained hundreds of aspiring crewmembers, like you are wanting to do today.  Learn more about my experience on my LinkedIn profile.

Ask us questions – that’s what we’re here for!

If you’re interested in becoming a flight attendant and don’t know where to start, call us or email us. We’ll be happy to answer questions you may have. 

Helping Careers Take Off

Depending on the airline, there can be hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, and incredibly hundreds of thousands that apply. We revise your resume to make it stand out over the other applicants and get selected by the automation. We prep and teach you how to properly answer the questions. We do a lot of mock interviews in class with you; you’ll be excellent at interviewing by training with us!

We’ll get you that interview!


Anyone can apply for a flight attendant job, but it’s a lot harder than you thinkWe prepare you for every step of the way to get you an interview and get hired. Our course developer and instructor, Donald Wecklein, has been involved in the hiring and training of flight attendants worldwide. Look for yourself at his qualifications, on LinkedIn. We work with you until you get hired, and then offer lifetime career placement. Want to change airlines in a few years? We’ll help you!