Train with the flight attendant academy and travel the world!

Train with us and travel the world!

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Thank you for coming to take a look at the flight attendant online training samples we have for you! Our Flight Attendant Academy online training covers more than 25 topics, and as new content is added, it’s added to the content library which you will have access to! Additionally, subjects which you would be tested on during airline flight attendant training all come with tests, so you can practice the tests over and over again until you feel comfortable with it. We test your knowledge with exams covering as much content, if not more than airlines do, to best prepare you for airline training. The questions and answers are very straightforward, nothing tricky, as we want you to learn the content with a solid foundation of understanding.

We have just one goal in mind, and that is to help you start your career. Our flight attendant online training is very good, attending in person is best so we can teach you techniques that make the hardest part of training easier and with less stress. Contact us for more information!

Click on the link below to start the sample. You will get to see a few slides and then a sample of the quiz styles we use to help make learning more memorable!

Aircraft General sample  

Aviation Terminology sample

We’re not the only flight attendant school available to you, but we provide the best training and preparation content available to you! Why spend a week in a classroom when you can learn with us the most challenging parts of flight attendant training at your own pace! The best part of our online training is that You can view and review the content as fast or as slow as you like, and watch it as many times as you want. Plus, our content goes in depth for complete understanding of the material. We have numerous online tests you can take over and over again so you’ll feel confident in your knowledge of these subjects.
What else makes the Professional Flight Attendant Academy better than the others?
In addition to 6 months of online access, you get to attend up to two more full classroom training sessions, space permitting, to build or retain proficiency while you go through applying to airlines and the wait to get offered a conditional job offer (CJO). Only we offer that to you, and it’s because we know our content is excellent, we believe in you, our customer, and we want to help you achieve your goal of working as a flight attendant. We were once flight attendants too; we know how much this means to you!
Why 6 months access? I hope I get a flight attendant job sooner than that!
Yes, that’s right, we give you six months access to our flight attendant online training materials, and for good reason. Some smaller airlines do hire quite fast, from the time you apply to the time you receive a job offer, from start to finish can be as fast as two weeks or less. HOwever, other airlines, particularly the major airlines, depending on the number of applicants for the flight attendant job, may take them a few weeks to months to get back to you from the time you apply, submit your online video interview, then get called for the face-to-face interview. We support you all the way, regardless of the airline type you want to work for, which is why we give you six months access to the online training and testing. We want you to be well prepared and ready on the day you start their classroom training.

Our mission is to serve you, and this how we do it!


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