About Flight Attendant Schools – you may ask yourself, “Do I need to go to one in order to get hired as a flight attendant?”

Depending who you talk to, and what country you’re in, has a direct impact on whether the answer is yes or no. There are some countries in the world that require flight attendant candidates to attend a flight attendant school prior to being considered for employment. That’s how it is overseas. If you want to be a flight attendant, go to a flight attendant preparatory school first.

However, here in the United States, in various flight attendant career connection type groups, you will likely hear a different story. Flight attendant career hopefuls will ask questions like “do I need to go to a flight attendant school?” Or, “Flight Attendant School X charges thousands of dollars to attend. I was wondering if it’s worth it?” Their responses are expected:

“Scam! Stay Away! Run from them, they don’t help you! Airlines will put you through their training anyway, you don’t need them! Waste of time and waste of money!”

While it is true that you don’t have to attend a flight attendant preparatory school in order to qualify to work as a flight attendant, and that there may be some schools that are a waste of money, there is another side, a positive side to some flight attendant schools that is being overlooked.

We know and totally agree, flight attendant preparatory schools are not required. They are not for everybody. Again, they are not for everybody. Current flight attendants that go on to say how you don’t need flight attendant preparatory schools are only thinking about themselves and of their classmates that made it through training. They are not considering for one second any of the persons that failed tests and were removed from training. It’s like being King, sitting at a table full of food, and asking, “how can people possibly be starving, look at all the food I have!” Many flight attendants without realizing it only think about themselves and not about those that would have been a very good flight attendant had they been better at taking tests, or had more time to learn. That’s where we come in.

The Professional Flight Attendant Academy was developed with the intent of helping only a small portion of those who wish to start a career working as a flight attendant. We know you don’t need to attend a school like ours, but our program is designed to help the following flight attendant hopefuls, those that:

  • need a little more time to learn new information
  • may have some difficulty taking tests
  • want to ask questions but are embarrassed to ask during training
  • don’t know how to interview
  • don’t know the right way to respond to interview questions
  • want to be better, more knowledgeable flight attendants
  • want hands-on experience with equipment and an opportunity to ask as many questions as needed to feel comfortable
  • attended an airline’s flight attendant training course, yet did not pass the tests or performance drills
  • want to start training with an edge, knowing what to expect and being prepared for it.

Many flight attendants do pass training, yet we are focused on those that want to change their career, want some additional assistance in preparation for the interviews, and help those that made it into training but didn’t graduate. We can help you learn where you went wrong and teach you what you need to know in order to pass training. Some people seem to think that attending a flight attendant school is a guaranteed ticket to getting a job as a flight attendant. Contrary to what some schools may tell you, despite their claim of a 90% placement rate, no one is guaranteed a job after attending a flight attendant school. This does not mean that they do not have value, some schools do! Schools like the Professional Flight Attendant Academy help you be best prepared for the online application, the assessments, the video interview, the face-to-face interview, and the hardest parts of training that are guaranteed to cause difficulty for some.

How do you know you going to get the best information possible to be prepared for the interviews and then make it through training? Take a look at our course developer’s experience and credentials. There is not a flight attendant school out there that can match his experience and knowledge. We have only one objective, and that’s to help you start your new career as a flight attendant. Email us at inflight.team@profaacademy.com  or call us at 480-787-6440. We look forward to hearing from you!

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