Flight attendant preparatory schools are generally a waste of money. In fact, for the most part, they’re useless, unless you enjoy paying a few thousand dollars to get an interview with a regional airline that you could have accomplished on your own. The only thing flight attendant schools guarantee you is a job interview, NOT a job!  Some might have a recruiter come to their classroom, but is it worth paying thousands to get ONE job interview? Of course not!  What we do is of value – coach you for the interview questions and how to properly answer them based on your work experiences!

Let’s do a rundown of topics taught by most flight attendant schools and the actual value it gives to you:

  • Airport Codes – OK, but we give that away to you for free!  Why pay for it?
  • Aircraft Familiarization – Airlines teach this in their flight attendant training course.
  • Airline Terminology – OK, but we give that away to you for free!
  • CPR / AED Certification – 100% unnecessary. You don’t need to be CPR certified to be hired. Also, most airlines do not certify their employees as CPR/AED layperson. Even if they do certify their employees, flight attendant trainees get certified by THEIR instructor, superseding the one you got in advance. They teach you how to use the equipment they have on their planes; you will not be medically trained like an EMT. There is no added value and most likely does not help you on your resume.
  • Definition of Crew Members – A person assigned to duty to operate that flight is a crewmember. If not assigned to work that flight, that person is a passenger. That sums it up!
  • Different Types of Airlines / Crew Bases (Major and Regional) – We explain this on our website.
  • Job Application – you don’t need anyone to help you with this. It asks you for specific information and there’s no mystery or tricks to complete the application. You don’t need anyone’s help to apply for the job. FYI: If you actually need help from someone to fill out a job application, you’re not going to make it through flight attendant training. Flight Attendant training is tough and demanding, incredibly harder than a job application that asks for your name, address, and date of birth.
  • Military Alphabet – OK, but we give that away to you for free!  Why pay for it?
  • Military Time/24 hour clock – OK, but we give that away to you for free!  Why pay for it?
  • Passport Assistance – go online, fill out the form, get passport-sized photos, schedule an appointment with your post office (or go to a satellite service location and pay an additional fee), bring the required documents on the day of your appointment, and wait a few weeks for your passport to come in the mail. That’s all you need to know. You can do this all by yourself, it’s not that hard. 
  • Reserve – the airline will teach you their reserve system. Useless time filler.
  • Resume Revision – we give you a free course teaching you how to do this yourself when you use our interview coaching services. AND…. we give you access to the course for 30 days! No one offers you this much in return!
  • Safety Demonstration – Absolutely useless. The airline teaches THEIR way to do the safety demo. Quick summary in 10 seconds or less. Flight Attendants demonstrate: Seatbelt, life vest, safety information card, point to the exits, no smoking placards are throughout the cabin. You don’t get any benefit from practicing this in advance at a flight attendant school. There are plenty of YouTube videos showing flight attendants doing this.
  • Salary – The airline a person gets hired at teaches their pay system, when, and how much an employee gets paid. Quick summary: Flight Attendants get paid either 2x or 4x per month, depending on how they do their payroll system. Useless topic. 
  • Seniority – it’s based on when the person is hired and affects bidding for schedules, vacation, promotions, jumpseating, passriding on the airline, etc. It pretty much affects everything at work. That’s all you need to understand at this time. Airlines teach details about this in their class.
  • Stand-by – Sometimes you are on airport standby. Details of how it works are taught by the airline during their initial training course. Zero benefits knowing this in advance. Flight Attendants have to do this whether they agree with it or not. Should people pay thousands to sit in a class to find out they don’t want to be on airport standby? No, and you just got the quick summary of what you need to know without paying a cent!
  • Times Zones – OK, but we give that away to you for free!  Why pay for it?
  • Types of Turbulence – OK, but we give that away to you for free!  Why pay for it?
  • Interview Preparation – This is what we SPECIALIZE in, coaching you how to answer flight attendant interview questions, and at a very reasonable rate! Additionally, we give you a free course of interview preparation teaching you how to do this, PLUS a course on resume building when you use our interview coaching services for 1.5 hours or more. AND…. we give you access to the course for 30 days! No one offers you this much in return!

How do you know you going to get the best flight attendant job interview coaching possible to be prepared for the interviews? Take a look at our course developer’s experience and credentials. There is no one else out there that can match his experience and knowledge. We have only one objective, and that’s to help prepare you for the interviews so you start a new career as a flight attendant. Email us at inflight.team@profaacademy.com  or call us at 480-787-6440. We look forward to hearing from you!