How the Professional Flight Attendant Academy helps you start your career as a flight attendant

Filling out the application

You would be surprised how easy it is to make an error while filling out the application. This simple step in itself is one way the different airlines eliminate some of their future flight attendant candidates. For many of the questions, you must be able to answer yes in order to proceed. What some people don’t expect and are paying attention for, is there is at least one or more questions that must be answered no to actually be a positive, desirable answer to the airline. If you don’t pay attention and you’re not careful, that one error will cost you a six-month delay, up to one year, depending on the airline’s policy for being able to reapply.


Video interview preparation

There are plenty of resources available online that are supposed to be useful for helping flight attendant candidates to improve their chances on getting selected. One of the most commonly stated responses to “how should I answer the questions?” that you see is “be yourself!” and “be natural, you got this!” If it were only that easy… If that advice was any good, every single person that applies to work as a flight attendant would be hired, but the truth is, you need to be prepared to answer their questions. We help prepare you to give a natural sounding responses, based upon your work history. They can hear right through a canned, rehearsed answer. It sounds unnatural and it will harm, not help your video interview.


Conduct Mock Interviews With You

Again, some of the worst advice you can be given is to be yourself during the face-to-face flight attendant interview. You can be yourself, however it must come with certain decorum and manners. Remember, flight attendants are the face of the airline. They are the most important marketing department and airline has, and they need to know each and every flight attendant can deliver the experience they want their passengers to have when on board the aircraft. In today’s social media world, we have all seen how fast news travels. Speaking of news, how often is it positive? Not that much, really. It’s mostly negative, and the last thing airline wants is someone to create negative news. That’s why the airlines want to be very selective with whom they hire. We help polish you and your interview skills to make you stand out among the other applicants.


Flight attendant training preparation

Our course developer, Donald Wecklein, has over 25 year’s experience in aviation, starting out as a flight attendant like you want to, then becoming an instructor, training program developer, and director of in-flight, as well as teaching many other flight attendant training required courses as you see on our website. Additionally, Donald has interviewed, selected, trained, and checked on hundreds of flight attendants over the years working at different airlines around the world. He knows the hardest parts of training where students are likely to struggle with or fail, and has proven and tested methods for making the hardest parts easier to understand and take away the nervousness from the performance drills. All this experience has been brought together in our professional flight attendant academy to prepare you as best as possible and get you through the training and start your dream career!

Join us, you’ll be glad you did!