Just no. Don’t do it. Don’t get the tattoo.

While you may like the way a certain tattoo looks, just because you like it doesn’t mean employers will have the same appreciation for it as well. In fact, there are some airlines that do not allow ANY tattoos anywhere on your body. They don’t care that it’s covered or on the back of your neck, hidden by your hair. Some airlines permit tattoos, but only if they are out of sight or can be covered by a long sleeve shirt or long pants. If you have one on your wrist or anywhere normally visible, sorry, you won’t get hired, and they won’t tell you why. We’re telling you now, you may think your tattoo is not your resume, but you are the image if the airline. You are the #1 marketing, public relations face of the airline. Airlines are not just names, they are brands, and airlines will and do protect their brand. What works for Hot Topic and Starbucks does’s fly, no pun intended, with image conscious airlines.

So, if you were considering getting a tattoo, we recommend you don’t. Ultimately, it’s your decision, but it may be a career roadblock. Decide what’s more important, your tattoo or your career and future. Choose wisely!