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What you'll learn with us



We have trained hundreds of students at airlines around the world, now we help prepare you for success in the classroom no matter what airline you want to work for!



Course subjects

During flight attendant / cabin crew training at any airline, there are many subjects you will learn about during your multi-week training. Some subjects are easy to understand while others are more challenging. We teach you the most challenging parts of flight attendant training and make it easy to understand. We also give you take home exercises, study aids and online courses to enhance your classroom training experience and explain rules, regulations, and policy in depth to make you the best possible flight attendant when you start flying!

Additionally, we also prepare you for your virtual interview, coach you on how to respond to the questions, and help you rewrite your resume to make it stand out over the others!

Our Flight Attendant /Cabin Crew preparatory course helps you master the subjects you are expected to learn and pass during airline training. We provide online 27 courses (over 12 hours of content!) plus LOTS of tests to help you be as prepared as possible for classroom training! Here are some of the subjects you’ll learn with us:

  • Before you apply to an airline + passport info
  • Grooming – it’s more important than you know
  • Social media – how it can help and harm your career
  • Interview preparation
  • Airline types – where to apply
  • Interview preparation
  • Aircraft orientation
  • Routine of flight
  • Airport codes, USA and international
  • 24 hour clock and why it’s used
  • Time zones – what you need to know
  • Phonetic alphabet



  • Airline terminology
  • Firefighting
  • Irregular situations
  • Turbulence
  • Weather conditions
  • Understanding door/slide operation
  • Things to know while you’re in training
  • Oxygen systems
  • Hands-on activities in classroom!
  • And more!