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What kind of training can I expect from The Professional Flight Attendant Academy?

You can expect nothing but the best preparation and training possible from us! Getting selected for an interview is hard enough, and when flight attendant training fail rates can reach up to 50%, trainees could use all the extra help they can get. Our purpose is to prepare you in advance, help you get selected, get the invite to classroom training, and start well prepared so you’ll be able to breeze through the airline’s training. This doesn’t mean by doing well with us, you’ve got it made! You wlll still have to study, but you will be going in prepared with confidence and lots of knowledge which will make it easier for you to get through training and graduate! This is your future career, and we’re here to help you achieve your dream job!

Your flight attendant prepatory school lasts 3 days, but I see the others are longer. Why is your course shorter?

Your time is valuable, and we know this. That’s why when you come to our classroom, we teach you the most important parts of training, in person, and do it over a weekend (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday) so there’s no need for you to take vacation time or quit your job to learn with us. That’s all the necessary time needed to prepare you for your upcoming career!

Other schools spend a lot of time going over things you can do on your own time, and you only learn it once. We spent the last few years developing and refining the online course content of our training program so you can learn everything at your own pace, and watch it as many times as it takes for you to feel confident with your knowledge level. To compliment the online training courses, our online assessments give you feedback after you answer each question, so if you make a mistake, you’ll immediately learn the correct answer. Plus, you can take our tests over and over again until you’re confident you know the material. Our grading is set to 90% on all tests, the same standards as the airlines, so you’ll know you really understand the material when you see your scores! 

What makes your training different?

We know how important becoming a flight attendant is to you, and we want to help you as much as possible. We also don’t want to waste your time in a classroom during the week when you may be working or may have other obligations. The online courses teach you what you need to know. Our exams are desigend to not just test you, but reinforce what you learned to make it memorable for when you’re in an airline training classroom. Our online training programs are all-device friendly. You can take our online training on your phone, on a tablet, or on a computer. We planned all this with your convenience in mind!

I can't come to your location. Can the online-only training still help me?

Absolutely it can help you! While it is best for those who can attend in person so you can talk with us and practice with us, taking the online training only has been designed and developed with comprehensive content to provide you with all the information you need, as if an instructor was there in front of you. We know what you need to know, and we developed this content in our programs.

I would like to come to your location, are there any hotel deals for non locals or out-of-State attendees?

It seems the best rates available are through using websites like, These are only suggestions, not endorsed by us. There are many hotels to choose from, and if you would like suggestions where to stay, contact us and we’ll help you find a nice place that’s reasonably priced. Learned from my travel experience, sometimes it can be cheaper on the hotel’s website when you book direct and in advance.


How much do I have to pay to get started?

Our courses are very affordable, but more importantly, very professional with in-depth content, sometimes better than the training you will receive at an airline. Our training course is a one-time payment, paid in full for enrollment.

Our course costs less than two weeks of pay as a new-hire flight attendant. You might ask or hear from others saying “is it worth it to pay for flight attendant course?” Considering many airlines experience anywhere from a 30% to 50% fail rate during training, and you’re not hired until you pass all of their training, our course helps prepare you to get to and through training, and have a wonderful career. Those that were sent home go home jobless, as like most trainees, they usually had to quit their previous job to start flight attendant training. When removed from training, they’re not eligible for unemployment because they quit their last job, and since they weren’t employees of the airline yet, there’s nothing for them to fall back on. So yes, this course will significantly help you!

Do you have any payment plans available?

What we do recommend is that you pay by credit card. If the enrollment fee is somewhat out of your reach right now, what you can do is apply for a credit card that has 0% interest rates for 12 or more months to make it easier for you to pay off. To help you, here is a link to such offers. Please note we do not receive any compensation for referring you to them. This information is provided for your convenience only.  

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes! Credit cards are the best way to pay and attend our courses. We won’t turn down cash if you prefer to pay in cash – that’s great too! While we prefer people to register in advance for the courses, we welcome drop-ins as well. We have a credit card reader available on the spot so you can get started once you arrive. If you prefer to pay cash on the first day of class, please contact us for arrangements.

After you graduate

Can you guarantee me an interview with an airline?

With our extensive knowledge and experience working in aviation and helping people get hired, we know what it takes to make you stand out and get that interview! So yes, you WILL get an interview when you attend our prepatory course with us!

Can you guarantee me job placement after I complete training?

Anyone who claims they guarantee you or offer job placement is not really being upfront. Past attendees of their school may have been hired at different airlines, however, stating they offer job “placement” would mean they have the control over who gets selected and hired at an airline, which they don’t.

What we do is we help by revising your resume for the online application, prepare you for the video and face-to-face interview, and teach you the most challenging parts of flight attendant training in a way that is easy to remember, yet will not cause confusion at the airline you get hired at. You will learn through us in advance the hardest parts of training and what to expect, so you can be prepared while going through the airline’s training class. When you succeed, we succeed. We want to see you in your new flight attendant uniform, achieving your career goal. We’ll do everything we can to help you reach your goal, and that, we guarantee!

What airlines are hiring?

Many airlines are continually interviewing and hiring flight attendants, so just go straight to the website of the airline(s) you would like to work for and check their careers section. At anytime you can go to the Jobs page, find your continent/region, and you’ll find all the airlines, organized by country. Look for “Careers, Jobs, Work Here, or Work with Us” and start applying!  

Will I have to move when I get hired?

There is the chance you may need to move, especially if you are applying for an airline that does not have a base where you presently live. Many new crewmembers have to move for the job, sometimes just for the beginning of their career until they gain enough seniority to transfer to a base closest to their home. 

Can I commute to my assigned base from where I live?

Airline policies with regard to commuting do vary. Some airlines permit it, others do not. Be aware that commuting does bring its own challenges. You usually have to reposition the day before, and you will have to share a room somewhere, or do what many do and rent what’s called a crash pad. That will cost you about 175.00+ every month to stay at the crash pad, not to mention there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to get on the flight you need to commute. For the first year, many flight attendants would probably recommend you relocate, and after you build seniority with the airline, then consider commuting or request a base transfer. Only you can decide what you want to do, provided the airline allows it.


Something came up, can I get a refund?

We understand things change and “life happens.” If you cancel more than 72 hours from the start of your scheduled classroom training and have not started taking the online training portion yet, you will be issued a full refund.

If you started taking the online training and were scheduled to attend classroom training but cannot make it, either you will be given the opportunity to reschedule for a different classroom session, or receive a refund of the difference between online training only and online plus classroom.

If you registered for online training only and did not take any courses, you can receive a full refund. Once the online training has been accessed, refunds are not issued.