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Cabin Safety Conference, Bangkok 2016

The above photo was taken while presenting at the ICAO Cabin Safety Conference in Bangkok, Thailand in 2016. I was invited as a co-instructor, speaking on behalf of One Cabin Safety, to present at the event which was open to cabin safety inspectors, in-flight training managers, in-flight personnel, and airline personnel from across Asia. I had been working periodically on the flight attendant / cabin crew training academy program, yet after this experience, I accelerated the development of the training materials so I could help others, like you, achieve your dream to work in aviation as a crewmember and travel the world!

Online & Classroom

Training methods have evolved from strictly classroom to inlcude online, homestudy and simulation. We keep our methods for learning current with the industry.

Looking Forward

Flight Attendant / Cabin Crew traininig continues to change. We use proven methods to help you remember what you learned with us while making it fun too!

Thinking Ahead

We know the competition for a flight attendant job is intense! Thousands apply, but only few get selected. We make you stand out among the other applicants and help launch your career.

Crewmember Support

We are here for you, from the day you start training with us, all the way through your career. And that we guarantee!


Our story of the Professional Flight Attendant Academy

A few years ago I decided it was time to put together a training program that will help those who really want to become a flight attendant by revising their resume, develop their interview skills, prep students for the interview, and prepare them for the most challenging parts of training. We know the subjects that students are likely to struggle and fail, yet we want you to succeed all the way. I’ve done it all, and now I want to help you enjoy the fun and exciting career of a flight attendant! This is where The Professional Flight Attendant Academy comes in. 

Over the years I’ve helped numerous friends of mine, and friends of friends, prepare for their interviews, answered questions about “what do they mean when they talk about….” they all made it through flight attendant training, and are now flying domestic and international flights. I helped them achieve their desire to become a flight attendant. Now with the extensive preparation course I put together from years of experience and first-hand knowledge having been a recruiter responsible for resume screening, open house interviews, face-to-face interviews and teaching flight attendant training to hundreds of students, we are here to help get your desired career as a flight attendant to take off!