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Some Flight Attendant Schools will go over Airport Codes in class waste three days of your time costing you almost 900 dollars and “have so much fun!” using their flash cards. Wheeee! Why pay for that when we give it away for free? All you really need in order to get hired as a flight attendant are two things: 

1) A well written resume, so the airline becomes interested in talking with you, and

2) Good interview skills, so they want to offer you a Conditional Job Offer, or CJO as it’s typically referred to. 

We want to see you succeed, get hired, and pass training, because working as a flight attendant has to be one of the best jobs in life.

We lived it, traveled the world, and still love being in aviation after all these yearsWe’re giving you the resources needed to be prepared before you even start training. After you sample our free courses and materials, why not see how good we are at refining your interview skills so you stand out and get hired! It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it that gets you selected. A small investment in refining your interview skills can help get you a job offer fast, instead of getting an interview, receive the dreaded TBNT, or “Thanks but no thanks” letter, and have to wait an additional 6 months to reapply. 

Here, we’re giving our great Facebook Group and Instagram followers, and those browsing the web looking for help to prepare for a career as a flight attendant, access to view some of our flight attendant prep content for free! We’re happy to give away to you content that other schools waste 2 – 3 days of your time and hundreds of your dollars! 

You can view and download the files from us for free! Yes, FREE! We’re giving away some of our content that other schools want you to pay for, bundled in that “we’ll have so much fun!” $2,000.00 tuition. You can buy an annual Disneyland passport and have money left over for if you want to have “so much fun.” Except Disneyland is REAL fun!  


Now for the Free Stuff!

Above each file you will see “Click here to download the file: Filename. Click on the blue text to save the file in your computer, phone, or tablet. Otherwise, you can simply view the files on the website. On your phone, to change pages, go to the bottom of the document. Tap on the document and you’ll see on the bottom left and up and down arrow to go up or down through the document.

Airline Terminology does not have worldwide fixed definitions like found in a dictionary. While there are some terms that are standard and defined one way, there are some terms that will have slightly different textual description, but the word the definition describes is easily identifiable. Airline terminology does contain many words not commonly used during day-to-day conversation. It’s good to get yourself familiar with these terms so it won’t be as confusing when you hear it during flight attendant training.

Click here to download the file:  Airline Terminology

The 24 hour clock is important to know and understand as it is commonly used for all flights as it does not need to account for time zone changes when flying East, West, or when passing the international dateline. Make sure you understand this – it’s a must!

Click here to download the file: The 24 Hour Clock

Airport Codes. Many airlines require you to take a test on some airport codes when you first start training. Since we’re here to help you, we’d like to get you ahead by providing airport codes and understanding how airport codes got their letters! 

Click here to download the file: Airport Codes

Learn the Phonetic Alphabet. Sometimes you’ll need to communicate using the phonetic alphabet. It helps you by using a standard set of words that clarify the letter being spoken. For example, the letter E is is Echo. But E can sound like C, D, G, T, V, or Z. But by saying Echo, immediately the person listening knows you are saying “E.”  Memorize this, it’s a worldwide standard set of words. This is useful, and the same no matter where in the world you are from!

Click here to download the file: Phonetic alphabet

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