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Donald Wecklein, founder of The Professional Flight Attendant Academy

Like you right now, when I first became interested in aviation, I had a desire to become a flight attendant. Once I started flying, my passion for aviation, aviation safety, and wanting to help others experience the joy, the thrill and excitement, and the amazing life and lifestyle you can live as a flight attendant grew. Throughout my aviation career I’ve read countless resumes, done many open house interviews, one-on-one interviews, selected and trained hundreds of aspiring crewmembers, like you are wanting to do today. To give you confidence that you’re getting the best possible mentor, instructor, and coach to help you achieve your goal of becoming a flight attendant / cabin crew, here’s a list of my key experience. For the complete description of my achievements, please visit my LinkedIn profile:

1991 – 1998   Flight attendant/Assistant Purser, Tower Air 

For over 7 years I worked scheduled passenger flights, charter flights, military charters, wet lease flights, IOM flights, United Nations peacekeeping flights, sub-service flights for other airlines (Garuda Indonesia, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Avianca, Corsair). and hajj flights around the world.

1998 – 2000   Air Transportation Supervisor/Instructor, Tower Air

I then went on to become an Air Transportation Supervisor and Ground Instructor. As an instructor I taught flight attendant initial training on the Boeing 747. I was then sent to Malaysia for two months and trained Air Asia flight attendants in Malaysia at the Malaysian Airlines Training Academy (Dec 1999-Feb 2000,  After that, I went on to become the base manager for the Air India/Air Asia hajj operation in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from Feb 2000-May 2000.  I also conducted flight attendant checkrides. Additionally, I evaluated and assessed new-hire emergency procedures performance drills, as well as administered all initial training exams to all training classes I taught. To improve the training program, I edited and revised our initial training materials. As part of Inflight management, I conducted open house interviews, Interviewed hundreds of candidates, screened hundreds of resumes, selected F/A training candidates, then trained them!

2000 – 2004   Supervisor/Manager of flight attendants, Saudi Aramco Aviation in Dhahran/Dammam

After Tower Air I went on to work for the world’s largest oil company, Saudi Aramco Oil, in their Aviation department as their supervisor/manager of flight attendants. Some of my accomplishments include that I conducted flight attendant initial and recurrent training classes for their Boeing 737 and DeHavilland Dash-8 aircraft. Developed comprehensive Flight Attendant Manual and lesson plan and composed initial and recurrent training exams and quizzes. Managed the flight attendant training and checkride programs. I taught emergency procedures training, emergency equipment handling, operation, and equipment limitations and designed their passenger safety information cards for the Boeing 737. Developed and taught dangerous goods awareness training programs for pilots, flight attendants, and check-in staff, and evaluated student performance.

2004 – 2006   Director of Inflight, Aerodynamics, Inc. 

As their Director of Inflight, I conducted flight attendant initial, recurrent, and emergency training on Fokker F-28 aircraft. We brought a new plane into operation, so I developed the flight attendant transition training program and flight attendant manual content for Airbus A-319 aircraft certification. Developed and conducted Airbus A-319 Aircraft Ground and Emergency Procedures transition training program which was used to certify operation of the aircraft. I expanded my teaching responsibilities, taking over teaching pilots as well as flight attendants and ground staff for certain subjects. As a primary company instructor, I conducted Crew Resource Management training classes for pilots and flight attendants. I also revised and taught the dangerous goods recognition program to all company pilots, flight attendants, and ground staff. To help pass on my knowledge and experience and improve the operation, I trained and designated Air Transportation Supervisors (ATS) to conduct initial operating experience (IOE) qualifying flights with new hires. As I enjoyed conducting training, I took over teaching the company’s Security training for pilots and Flight Attendants. As with all previous positions, I also interviewed, selected, and trained flight attendant candidates.

2006 – present   Aviation Safety Inspector-Cabin Safety, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

2014 – present   One Cabin Safety, LLC. (Founder)

Revised and improved a flight attendant training program for a major Middle East airline. I’ve been working with a client in Bangkok, Thailand, to establish a flight attendant (cabin crew) training center. Of noteworthy mention, I also presented at the ICAO Cabin Safety conference in Bangkok, August 15 – 19, 2016. I’m also presenting at an upcoming event, at the IATA Cabin Safety Conference in Bangkok, Thailand in May 2018, which draws 200+ attendees from airlines around the world.

2018 – present  The Professional Flight Attendant Academy, LLC (Founder)

Created a comprehensive flight attendant training prepatory course that prepares those wanting to work as a flight attendant /cabin crew. Our online training and assessments will prepare you for all phases of the process, from revising your resume, the online application, the video interview, face-to-face interview, hardest parts of classroom training, through the first flights as you do your qualifying flights called the Initial Operating Experience, or IOE. We work with you all the way through the process!

Additionally, I also have more aviation related experience:

–     FAA Private Pilot certificate

–     FAA Aircraft Dispatcher certificate

–     FAA Flight Attendant certificate

–     Previously certified American Red Cross Instructor, teaching Adult/Child/Infant First Aid/CPR/AED.

As you have read, I have years of experience interviewing, selecting and training flight attendants. I also have many years of training program development and training of flight attendants, pilots, and ground staff. I’ve presented at international cabin safety conferences, trained Malaysian flight attendants, ran a hajj operation, and revised a major middle east airline’s training program. So, what do you think about the qualifications of your potential flight attendant interview preparation and crewmember training mentor? No other flight attendant preparation training school has the level of knowledge, experience and insight on how to get you selected, interviewed, pass all training requirements, and start flying like we do!