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We have trained hundreds of students at airlines around the world, now we help prepare you for success in the classroom no matter what airline you want to work for!


Sign up for classroom training plus online and get access to content for 6 months – attend class during month of your choice!

Online only: $999.00!

Classroom + online 4 months: Only $1399.00!

Classroom + online 6 months: Only $1499.00! 


To register, click the Buy now! button. If attending the classroom course as well, once registered, contact us with the dates you want attend to secure your place in class. We have a maximum of 10 seats open per class to give everyone individual attention. 

Our Flight Attendant /Cabin Crew preparatory course helps you master the subjects you are expected to learn and pass during airline training. We provide online 27 courses (over 12 hours of content!) plus LOTS of tests to help you be as prepared as possible for classroom training! Here are some of the subjects you’ll learn with us:

  • Before you apply to an airline + passport info
  • Grooming – it’s more important than you know
  • Social media – how it can help and harm your career
  • Interview preparation
  • Airline types – where to apply
  • Interview preparation
  • Aircraft orientation
  • Routine of flight
  • Airport codes, USA and international
  • 24 hour clock and why it’s used
  • Time zones – what you need to know
  • Phonetic alphabet



  • Airline terminology
  • Firefighting
  • Irregular situations
  • Turbulence
  • Weather conditions
  • Understanding door/slide operation
  • Things to know while you’re in training
  • Oxygen systems
  • Hands-on activities in classroom!
  • And more!



At the Professional Flight Attendant Academy, we offer you different services to meet your needs, from online training only, to classroom training plus online training, to classroom training plus online training for an extended duration. Whatever your needs, we are here for you!

We pay attention to what’s going on in the industry, and stay on top of current flight attendant hiring. Different airlines hire differently, meaning some do large volume applications at one time, while others do it periodically throughout the year. Some airlines, usually the smaller and regional airlines, hire fairly fast, while the major airlines often take a few months from application until completion of all interviews and then training begins. That’s why we have options that give you access to the training material for months so you can practice and practice as much as you want. We have only one goal in mind, helping you get hired by an airline and get you started working as a flight attendant!

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