Choosing Your Flight Attendant Prep School Doesn’t Have to Be Hard. We Make It Easy.

We make it easy for you to decide where you want to go to be prepped for becoming a flight attendant. When you want something done right, you look for the expert, not amateurs. See what our school offers and decide for yourself.

Our course developer has helped prepare friends and students for airline interviews. Today, they’re now traveling around the world and one in particular is now part of her airline’s safety department. Today, our proven program is ready to prepare you for the interviews and make it through training. Our most recent customer was offered a job with Delta Airlines! Will you be next?

What you learn when you attend our school

  • Before you apply to an airline + passport info

  • Appearance – the right look for the interviews

  • Social media – how it can help and harm your career

  • Airline video interview preparation

  • Airline Face-to-Face interview preparation 

  • Airline Face-to-Face interview preparation, what to do and not to do

  • Airline types – what they do and which suits your needs

  • Aircraft orientation and familiarization

  • Routine of flight

  • Understanding door/slide operation

  • Airport codes, USA and international for Major and Regional Airlines
  • 24 hour clock and why it’s used

  • Time zones – what you need to know

  • Phonetic alphabet

  • Things to know while you’re in training

  • Oxygen systems

  • Airline terminology

  • Firefighting

  • Irregular situations

  • Turbulence

  • Decompressions

  • Weather conditions

  • Hands-on activities in classroom!

  • And more benefits that only our classroom attendees experience!

Professional Flight Attendant Academy helps you stand out.


Our course developer, Donald Wecklein, has reviewed countless resumes, as well as interviewed, hired, and trained crewmembers around the world. We know how to prepare you for success! We:

  • Revise your resume so you get selected for an interview

  • Know what recruiters are looking for

  • Prepare you for the video and in-person interview

  • Prep you with grooming requirements and what to wear for the interviews

  • Prepare you for what the airlines are watching for when you are at the face-to-face interview

  • Teach you the proper way to respond to questions

  • Prepare you for the hardest parts of training to give you confidence you’ll do well

Remember, when you apply, that’s just the beginning. Then you have to make it to and through the interview selection process. Once selected, then you have to pass their challenging flight attendant training program. Our course prepares you, from start to finish, from revising your resume all the way through the hardest parts of training We also teach you tips on how to remain calm and focused during the most stressful performance drills. We help you build your confidence that you can do it!

If you have any questions, call us, or text us at 480-787-6440. Or, you can email us at

Our course developer and instructor, Donald Wecklein, was a presenter at the International Air Transport Association, also known as IATA, in Bangkok, Thailand in May 2018. He presented to over 300 attendees from 106 airlines discussing how errors made by flight attendants happen, yet sometimes the cause for the error is not necessarily the flight attendant’s fault, the manual content isn’t clear or may be deficient. It could also be the training program or testing doesn’t adequately cover the topic. When things go wrong, the airline should view at the error or bad decision-making as a time of reflection and look internally to see if the airline’s system of operation contributed to the flight attendant’s error.  In simpler words, don’t quickly blame the flight attendant. See if the manual, training program, instruction and testing provided the necessary information and guidance for the flight attendant to make appropriate decision(s). Click here to see the presentation. 

How many flight attendant prep schools in the USA can say they have an instructor/safety expert that was selected and presented to over 100 airlines on an international level?

Hint: Only ours does!




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