Rethink your choice. You might as well light your money on fire because flight attendant schools empty your bank account while wasting your time.

Flight attendant schools don’t give the benefits you think they offer.


You may have made a mistake by going down this path and already heard the sales pitch, “Come to our school, we have guest recruiters! Get on the fast track to the airlines! We guarantee you an interview! We have a 90% placement rate! You’ll have so much fun! with us” The truth is, the only thing a flight attendant school can guarantee is an interview, whether you get one from a visiting recruiter at their school or on your own by applying through the airline’s website and getting called for an interview. That’s as far as the guarantee goes. Regarding the 90% placement rate, schools don’t “place” anyone anywhere. Their students got hired because they were coached on how to properly respond to the interview questions, but the school takes bragging credit for their student’s successes. 

You might be impressed when you see on a school’s website saying, “we have guest speakers/recruiters from American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta, United, etc.” What you don’t know is they’ve actually built in truthful deception by lumping guest speakers/recruiters into one. They might have friends of theirs who are flight attendants at a variety of airlines come in as a guest speaker, but you can almost be assured none of them are recruiters from the major airlines. Think about it: why would a major airline that gets over 100,000+ job applicants every year go to a flight attendant school to interview a maximum of 10 people? You could bet that it’s 99.99999999% unlikely for a major airline to ever send a recruiter into any flight attendant school. They get enough applicants on their own and a flight attendant school’s help is not needed. If you believed their story of major airline recruiters go to their schools, you’ve likely been hoodwinked.

The usual question is, “But what about all those things flight attendant schools teach for a week, isn’t it useful to know all that in advance?” The answer is no, period. Every airline will teach you what you need to know about working there and the course material you need to study and pass during their training. They teach their students everything they need to know and understand when working for that company. The only useful part of any flight attendant school is the time spent coaching for the interview. None of the extra subjects or activities like practicing the safety demonstration taught in any flight attendant school helps you get the job, absolutely none of it. They have to come up with useless, time-filling content to make people feel like they got something for their 2000.00. Here’s a quick overview of time-fillers. Think for yourself: is learning any of this in advance going to help you get a job offer?  

  • Airport codes? 24-hour clock? Time zones? X  (We give this content to you for free!)
  • History of the flight attendant? X  (Really? How does knowing history of the flight attendant career help you get a job offer?)
  • Passport assistance? (Here’s the link to the US Department of State Passport Services. Next!) 
  • Practicing safety demonstrations? X  (Each airline teaches trainees how to do the demo their way)
  • CPR training? X  (Airlines teach this during their training) 
  • How scheduling works, bidding for schedules and time off? X (Airlines teach this during their training)
  • What about Turbulence? Aircraft familiarization? Airline Terminology? X (Airlines teach this during their training) 

I have to give credit where it’s due. Somewhere within that week, flight attendant schools do teach interview skills, but should people pay $2000.00 to get to the only useful nugget of the entire course? That’s a no from me, and it should be from you too. If you get hired, that money could be better spent on moving to the assigned base or renting an apartment. Now that you’ve read about the downside to going to a week-long flight attendant school that takes your money and time while giving their customers very little that’s useful, check out the right path to go down!  

So, what do I get when I sign up for interview coaching?

In addition to the one-on-one coaching, you get as a bonus access to these great 14 courses for 90 days:

  • Common interview questions
  • Designing your resume
  • Airline types – who should I work for?
  • Applying for a job
  • Social media – how it can stop you from getting hired, or get you fired
  • The 24 hour clock
  • Time zones
  • Weather conditions
  • Turbulence for crewmembers
  • Duty time regulations
  • Sterile cockpit/Sterile flight deck
  • Aircraft orientation
  • Aircraft doors: B737 & A320
  • Firefighting

Plus 5 free downloads, yours to keep:

  • Airline terminology
  • The 24 hour clock 
  • Airport codes 
  • The phonetic alphabet 
  • Time zones

Our goal is to coach you well on what to say, what not to say, what to do, and what not to do, so you get hired and give you the resources to succeed. We know the joy of working as a flight attendant and want to help as many of you succeed in achieving your career goal and experience the same happiness as we have!